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Getting Started With BigTime for New Users

Welcome to BigTime. Your firm has made the decision to join a growing number of companies in your industry to get smarter about tracking projects, setting up budgets, tracking time and expenses, invoicing and more.

While getting signed up is as easy as creating a password, we’ve created this article to give you a quick understanding of how to get around BigTime as a new user. 


  • Get signed up. Use the link in your email invitation to setup your profile and create a password.
  • Your admin has already granted you access to everything you need. Not finding something? Talk to your admin about changing your user rights.
  • BigTime is all about time. Enter some. Add some time to the weekly timesheet, and don’t forget to check out the daily views.
  • Go Mobile. BigTime supports both Android and iPhone applications for logging and submitting time and expenses. Go to to download the app to your device.


Signing Up

As a new user, your first exposure to the system will be an email invitation asking you to create a user login. As long as the basic data is correct, just enter the password you’d like to use and click theGET STARTED button.


Navigating Bigtime

You can use the menus along the top of the page to view your timesheet, expense entry, tasks assigned to you, and personal reports. We also have timers and an inbox your managers will use to communicate with you.

That’s because every user has access to only the parts of the system that their admin has permitted.

As you read through the User Guides, you may find that you don’t have access to areas of the system you’d like to explore. To turn on those menu items, talk with your System Admin.


Entering Time

You’ll find that entering time takes no time at all.  Just open up the TIME/EXPENSES...TIMESHEET page.  You’ll get a brief pop-up tutorial that walks you through how to enter time.

That’s all it takes. Just click the ADD TIMESHEET ROW to get started.

Your list of projects, tasks and other codes have all been setup by your system’s admin.  All you need to do it fill in the blanks.  For picklists (like the project list), you can type a few letters into the blank to filter your selections.


Once Time Is Entered, It Needs To Be Submitted

As a user, you can go back to your timesheet as often as you’d like to add details or correct mistakes.  But, at some point, you need to let your managers know you’re done. 

You submit a timesheet by clicking on the “submit” link at the bottom of the TIME/EXPENSES...TIMESHEET page.  Once you do, the timesheet will be marked submitted and you won't be able to edit that time any longer.


Downloading iPhone/Android Apps

You can use your mobile device to login to for access to the mobile version of the website. If you’d like to download the mobile app (for iPhone or android-compatible devices), the login page at has one-click links to simplify installation.

You can also find BigTime in the iTunes store (or in the Google Play store) and download the apps from there.

Once you download and install the app, you’ll use the same user email and password to login as you do to login to the website.


Where Do I Go From Here?

BigTime allows you to do a lot more than just track time.  If your firm is going to use the system to manage project, tasks, activities, budgets, expenses or invoices, there are sections of the knowledge base to get you acquainted with those features.

Dive in. Take a look. And, if you have any questions along the way, feel free to shoot our support team a note. We sponsor live webinars for Admins, Users and Managers, so take a look at for webinars that might interest you.

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