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Enable a Privacy Policy Page

You can enable a privacy policy page for staffers to acknowledge when logging into BigTime for the first time. BigTime has a standard privacy policy, but you can choose to include extra text in the privacy policy settings to meet your firm's particular needs. Here's a step-by-step guide for accessing and customizing a privacy policy page.


1. Click MY COMPANY...MY COMPANY from your navigation bar.



2. Select the PRIVACY tab.



3. Check the box next to ENABLE PRIVACY POLICY CONSENT. When this box is checked, users will need to acknowledge a privacy policy when logging into BigTime for the first time. 


Now you’ve got two options: use BigTime’s standard privacy policy or customize the text so that it’s specific to your firm. 

4. If you want to use BigTime’s, then click SAVE at the bottom right corner of the window. 


Otherwise, click the EDIT hyperlink next to Privacy Policy Text, insert the text that you’d like to appear and click SAVE to save your work.

If the privacy policy is updated by the system admin, all staffers will be forced to re-acknowledge the privacy policy. 

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