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Task Dashboard Grouping/Sorting and Filtering

The Task Dashboard can display a lot of information. It is, after all, an at-a-glance view of all tasks for your firm, regardless of the project. It’s also flexible enough to help you hone in on project specifics. This article explains the grouping/sorting and filtering functions of the Task Dashboard, which you can use in any combination to help you get the information you need.


Grouping and Sorting on the Task Dashboard

BigTime offers a straightforward way to group and sort on the Task Dashboard. You can group by one field at a time and change the order of the values by descending or ascending order. It’s a setting that the Task Dashboard will remember, too, until you remove your grouping selection.

Simply click on any of the column headers and you’ll see a white down arrow next to the column name. This indicates grouping by that field in descending order.


To change the order to ascending, click the column header again. You’ll notice that the arrow has changed to an upward arrow and that all of the values in that column are now in ascending order.


To group and sort by a different field, simply move off of the selected column and click into another column header.


To remove grouping and sorting on a column altogether, simply click on the column header two times, and the down (or upward) arrow will disappear.


Live Filtering Options

Along with making a grouping and sorting selection, you can apply an assortment of filters. These filters are applied live, which means that they won’t be remembered like column grouping and sorting. You can capture any of this live filtering, though, by exporting your Task Dashboard.

On the left side of your Task Dashboard, you’ll see Types, Stages, Due Date, and Assignment. You’ll notice a number in a gray box on some tiles. This reflects the number of tasks that match that given criteria. Simply click on any of the tiles within these various areas to filter data down to that selection.


You can also use the graphic icons that appear directly above the task list. Use the down arrow next to SUMMARY BY STATUS to choose from a summary view by status, last modified date, or due date.


You can then click on any of the graphics that appear below your selection, to filter down even further.


For even more comprehensive filtering, you can apply filters to each individual field by clicking the FUNNEL icon above the Dashboard.


After you do that you’ll see that each column header appears with a down arrow. Unlike grouping and sorting, you can apply multiple live filtering options across other columns at once, which will further trim down the view.

If you click the down arrow on a specific column header, you can filter by specific items by checking the box next to these values. Finalize your selection by clicking the APPLY button.


Tips and Tricks

Set the view on your Task Dashboard. Remember that you have a choice between a flat view of all of your tasks or viewing tasks by project or by task group. Grouping and filtering might function slightly differently depending on your choice. Play around with the view to see what you like best.


Take advantage of our smart search fields. If you apply live filtering to each column, you could use the smart search function to type in the value you’d like to filter by—rather than scrolling through each item to select checkboxes.


Capture live filtering by exporting the Task Dashboard. Read this article to help you with that process.

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