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Exporting Your Task Dashboard

There are live filtering and grouping/sorting options on the Task Dashboard that all users can apply to get a better sense of where things stand with projects. This might mean filtering on tasks by status or to show individual staffer task assignments by due date. Because these filters are live, they won’t “stick” to the Task Dashboard view, but BigTime does offer a way to capture these views. Use this step-by-step process to export the Task Dashboard with filters applied.


Exporting Your Task Dashboard: Step by Step

1. Click WORKFLOW...TASK BOARD on the navigation bar. This will take you to your Task Dashboard.

2. Click the EXPORT button at the top right of the screen. The down arrow indicates that there are exporting options to choose from.

3. Select your preferred file type. Choose either a PDF or XLS file format for exporting your Task Dashboard.

4. Locate the exported file. Depending on your operating system and browser settings, the exported file might appear at the bottom of your browser window or wherever file downloads are directed. You could simply save the file, print it, or even email it to team members.


  • THERE ARE A LOT OF COLUMNS ON MY TASK DASHBOARD. WITHOUT EXPORTING IT, IS THERE A WAY TO EXPAND THE VIEW? Click on the icon pictured below to expand your Task Dashboard to a full-screen view. This will make viewing your Dashboard much easier.


  • CAN I EDIT THE TASK DASHBOARD TO HIDE CERTAIN COLUMNS OR INCLUDE ADDITIONAL ONES? Only system administrators can add, remove, and arrange fields—using the gear icon in the utility bar above the Task Dashboard. For more information on how fields can be added, read Creating Custom Fields on Tasks.


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