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Manually Selecting WIP to Invoice

By default, BigTime's T&M invoice style creates invoices from all the unbilled WIP in your system (or, alternatively, from all the unbilled WIP within a given date range).  

If you'd like, however, you can select specific entries to include on your T&M invoices by using the simple steps outlined in this article.

1. From the INVOICING...OVERVIEW page, click on the WORK IN PROGRESS tile. This will forward you to a list of all the projects in your system that have unbilled WIP.


2. Search for the project you'd like to bill. The SEARCH bar in the top of this screen will let you find the project you'd like to bill.  


3. Click on the fee/expense value to view WIP details. Once you do, you see a complete list of unbilled time/expenses (eg - the list of unbilled items that can be included on your invoice).  


4. Check off the entries you'd like to bill using the checkbox in the left-hand side of each column. Note that you can sort/group the entries on this page by clicking on column heads and your selections will be preserved.



Note that the TOTAL SELECTED WIP value (at the top of the page) will update to tell you how much WIP you've selected.

5. Click the Create Invoice button when you're ready to create your T&M invoice. The system will generate an invoice from the entries you've selected.


6. Edit your invoice settings just like you would any other T&M invoice. Don't forget to click FINALIZE once you're done to tell the invoice engine you're done. 


TIP: Bill Time and/or Expenses

The WIP selection can include both time and expenses.  Once you're done selecting the time you'd like to bill, click the down-arrow on the CREATE INVOICE button to switch between time and expense WIP views.


Then, when you've selected all the WIP you'd like to bill from both views, you can click CREATE INVOICE to finish up.

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