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Sorting/Grouping on Reports

BigTime makes it possible to dynamically group and sort data on reports or work behind the scenes to apply multiple layers of custom grouping/sorting.


Dynamic Grouping and Sorting

Grouping and sorting in BigTime reports is easy. Simply open a report you’d like to work with, and click on a certain column heading. Live grouping/sorting can only be performed on one column at a time. You’ll notice an arrow next to the category name. This means that you are now sorting the report by the values in that column in descending order.


If you move off of the column header you’re sorting by, you’ll notice that one of the arrows turns blue. This indicates sorting is active.


Change the sorting order to ascending by clicking the column header again.


To sort by another column, you can click the column header once more or simply click into the column header you’d like to sort by next.


Editing Grouping/Sorting Options

There is a deeper level of grouping and sorting customization available from within the Report Wizard. To access those options, open a report you’ve already customized and saved, and choose CUSTOMIZE from the Customize drop-down menu.


Next you’ll be presented with an Options menu. Select CUSTOMIZE GROUPING to reveal the grouping and sorting editing options available.


This area allows you to group by up to three levels behind the scenes, versus just one level when performing live sorting/grouping. The fewer columns you add, the more of a summary view it will yield. The more columns added, the more detailed the summaries will become. 


You have the option of choosing to group/subtotal by these values. If you would like to allow report viewers to dynamically group/sort reports, however, this will prevent users from being able to do so.

Only if grouping and subtotaling is deselected will this option appear. Allowing dynamic grouping will also set, by default, a display of an overall total at the bottom of your report. 


If you have hidden columns on your report, you can still choose to sort/group or filter on these values. You can also choose to reveal any columns you choose to subtotal by checking the box next to “Don’t hide any of the columns I’m subtotaling.”


TIP: Group/Sort Columns but Hide Them From Report Viewers

If you’d like to group/sort by a specific item but want to hide this from report viewers, you can do that. Simply edit that column in your report by selecting the HIDE THIS COLUMN option. When customizing report grouping, this column will still be available to you. 


A final option for the grouping/sorting editor pertains to setting page breaks. Checking this box will organize data on an exported report by the first level of grouping.


To save your report with these new settings, remember to click the UPDATE REPORT button.

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