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Archiving Tasks

BigTime offers several different options for marking tasks completed. The approach that best suits your firm might coincide with whether or not you establish a workflow and use the Task Dashboard. Completed tasks are archived and hidden from view on the Task Dashboard, but they’re available for viewing there and will automatically be included in task-based reports. 


Marking a Task Completed From the Task Dashboard

If you're establishing a workflow in the system, you will use the Task Dashboard to assist you in workflow management. When a task has been completed, there are a couple of ways to assign the Archived stage to a task on the Dashboard. 

1. Go to WORKFLOW...TASK BOARD to view your firm’s projects and tasks. 


2. Select a task for archiving. Place a check mark next to the applicable task. 


3. Click ARCHIVE from the Bulk Selections drop-down menu at the top of the dashboard. Select the YES button to confirm the action. 


You could perform the same action by selecting UPDATE STATUS from the Bulk Options menu. Choose a status code that coincides with the archived stage. For more information on status codes and workflow, read Setting up and Managing Your Workflow.



From the Update Status screen, you can apply the archived stage by selecting it from the status picklist. 



Archiving Within a Task Record

There are also ways to mark a task as completed and archived within the task record itself.


Adjusting the Task Completion Percentage

On the BUDGET/DATES tab of a task, go to the % COMPLETE field and type in "100." This will also automatically generate a check in the box next to ARCHIVE (100% COMPLETE).



Checking the Archived Box

Alternatively, on the BUDGET/DATES tab of a task, you could simply place a check mark next to ARCHIVE (100% COMPLETE) and this will populate the field with a 100% value.


Viewing Archived Tasks on Your Task Dashboard

If you’d like to view archived tasks on your Task Dashboard, you can do so in a couple of easy steps. Simply go to your Task Dashboard and navigate to the STAGES filters on the left-hand side of the Dashboard.


Click on the ARCHIVED (HIDDEN) tile to display both the number of archived tasks, and the task name(s) will reappear with a strikethrough.




  • HOW DO I UNDO THE ARCHIVE ACTION ON A TASK? Open the task record and make sure the status code is set to an active code (and not Archived) on the GENERAL INFO tab, and uncheck the box next to ARCHIVED on the BUDGET/DATES tab.
  • HOW DO I EXCLUDE ARCHIVED TASKS FROM REPORTING? If you’d like to exclude archived tasks from your task-based reports, click the EDIT REPORT SETTINGS button at the top of the report, and place a check mark next to “Hide Completed Tasks.” 
  • I SEE THERE’S A % COMPLETE BILLING OPTION ON FIXED-FEE INVOICES. HOW DOES THIS PERCENTAGE RELATE TO THE ACTUAL TASK RECORD? If you want to mark a task as complete and archived at the time of issuing a fixed-fee invoice, you could utilize the % complete billing option. If you were to choose that option and type in “100” for the percentage, this would automatically update the task record as 100% complete and archived. If you use the Task Dashboard, this also means that the task will be hidden unless you apply the Archived filter. Learn more about creating percent complete invoices.
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