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Getting Started With Project Budgets

A Project Budget is a budget that’s defined at the project level. These budgets are set on a monthly basis, and only contain a single task. These types of budgets are called “Project Budget style” in BigTime.

In contrast, the “Standard (By Task)” in BigTime are projects that contain many tasks. These projects are budgeted at the task-level.

This article will show you how to get started with Project Budgets. Follow the steps below to select Project Budgets for a project.


1. Click MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST from your navigation bar.



3. Then, click on the HYPERLINK for one of your projects on the left side of your window. This will open your Project Dashboard. Click the navigation tab labeled DETAILS



4. Click the gray arrow next to the text box under the BUDGET STYLE header and select PROJECT BUDGET from the picklist. (The other option, Standard (By Task) means you want to budget at the task level.)



5. Click the SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom right of your window to save your selection.



There are two important points to note:

  • If you have more than one task already set on a project, then you can’t use Project Budget. In fact, you’ll get a notification alerting you need to delete a certain number of tasks for the project, which would then allow you to use this feature.

    That’s because the aim of Project Budget is to budget on the project level, and not individual tasks.

  • If you use Project Budgets for a project, then you’ll no longer be able to create individual tasks in the Task Editor. The reason is because you’re choosing to budget for the entire project, instead of breaking the project down by individual tasks.

Once you’ve successfully selected Project Budget as your budgeting style, then the TASKS tab on your Project Dashboard will automatically change to BUDGET.


Now you’re ready to use Project Budgets.

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