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How To Use Budget Notifications

Find out which projects need your attention with Budget Notifications. With this feature, system admins can set up three levels of alerts, of their choosing, to notify team leads about a project’s budget status.

For example, MMM Media has a budget of $10,000. The team lead for this project will receive a notice when the budget for this project exceeds $5,000 (or 50% of the budget), $7,500 (or 75% of the budget), and $10,000 (or 100% of the budget).

Team leads get these notifications in their BigTime inbox. Or they can enable notifications to be sent to their email and/or Slack. This article will explain how to set up and use Budget Notifications.


1. Click MY COMPANY...NOTIFICATIONS from the navigation bar.



2. Scroll down and check the box next to BUDGET STATUS NOTIFICATIONS.



3. Click the EDIT NOTIFICATIONS button, located to the right of your screen.



4. Click the gray arrow, under Notification Type, and select PROJECT INPUT CHARGES UPDATE.

This is where you set up your notifications.

System admins determine the notification percentages (i.e., 50, 75, and 100%).

Take a look at the percentages in the image above as an example. The project’s team lead gets a notification when the project budget exceeds 50%. Then, they’ll get another one when the project budget exceeds 75%, and so on.

Keep in mind that these notifications are project-level, even though budgets are entered on the task-level.

5. Click SAVE to save your work.

Team leads will receive these notifications in their BigTime inbox, as a budget status alert.



TIP: See Budget Notifications in Slack and Email

Users can receive these notifications to their email and/or Slack, as well.

1. Click the PERSON ICON on the navigation bar, and select MY PROFILE.




3. Then, check the relevant boxes, and click SAVE.


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