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Reporting on Tasks

BigTime’s reporting feature is a valuable tool for gaining insight into task progress and budget status. To help you with this kind of tracking, we offer three basic task-related reports, and the option (for firm administrators) to edit these templates or create customized task reports. Let’s take a look at what’s available for your task reporting needs.


Bigtime’s Task-Related Reports

To see what BigTime offers for task reports, navigate to your report center from ANALYTICS...REPORT CENTER in the menu bar.


Next, click on the TASK LISTS tile and scroll down to see several standard reports, three of which are related to tasks.


Task List by Project, Budget Status: This report will display tasks by project with a summary of hours inputted to date and estimated hours remaining against estimated budgeted hours.

Task List by Project, Budget Status (with notes): This report yields the same information as the Task List by Project, Budget Status report but substitutes staff assignment information with notes entered about tasks.

Task List by Staff Member: As the title suggests, this report organizes tasks by project and staff member. This staff-centric report helps managers keep an eye on tasks assigned to them and to each of their direct reports. In addition, it allows them to manage projects knowing which tasks have been completed and what still needs to be done.

To customize any of these templates or create your own, visit Creating Custom Reports for further instruction.


TIP: Smartly Use the Task Dashboard To Get the Most Out of Your Task Reports

The Task Dashboard can provide an at-a-glance view of your projects and tasks in BigTime, but task reports take this a step further to synthesize your data and help you streamline project management. This means up-to-date and fully-formed task reports are possible because of the details—such as stages, due dates, and staffer assignments—you and your team input about tasks. These details and other items, such as notes and percent complete information, all inform how task and project progress is reported in BigTime.
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