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Manually Mark QuickBooks Invoices as Paid

Usually, payments made on invoices in QuickBooks will automatically come over when those invoices are synced into BigTime. You’ll see those payments in the invoice details for that invoice in BigTime. 

Although it’s rare, it is possible that a payment doesn’t come over when you import it from QuickBooks into BigTime. This could be due to a bug in QuickBooks, the Sync Agent or in BigTime. If that’s the case, there’s a workaround that allows you to manually mark those invoices as paid once they’re in BigTime.

To forcibly apply a paid status to an invoice, first navigate to the INVOICING page (INVOICING…OVERVIEW from the main navigation bar), and then click on either the FINALS or the A/R AGING tile. These are the only two locations where you can manually mark an invoice as paid.

In either of these screens, find the invoice you’d like to mark as paid. Check off the CHECKBOX to the left of the invoice name.


Now, click the ARROW next to the BULK ACTIONS button. A picklist will appear – click the option labeled MARK AS PAID.


A dialogue box will appear asking you to confirm your decision. Click YES.

After this last step, your invoice will be marked as PAID/CLOSED. If you performed these actions in the A/R AGING screen, the invoice you marked as paid will be moved to the FINALS screen.

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