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Connecting to QuickBooks Online

Easily connect your QuickBooks Online file with your BigTime account. Then, BigTime will automatically sync your data behind the scenes. Or run a manual sync to populate the most recent QuickBooks information in BigTime.

This article will explain how to connect your QuickBooks Online account with BigTime.



  • Use the Integrations window in BigTime to link your QuickBooks Online account with BigTime.
  • Sync data, like active Customer/Jobs, Employees, Vendors, Service items, automatically.
  • Get on-demand information. Now it’s easier than ever to stay informed and make sound business decisions, since you’ve got important details at your fingertips.


Get Connected

1. Click MY COMPANY...INTEGRATIONS. This will take you to the list of applications that support BigTime integrations.


2. Click the QUICKBOOKS icon, located toward the middle of the window.


3. Click ENABLE, which will cause a new window to pop up.




5. Enter your QUICKBOOKS ONLINE login credentials. If you're not already logged in to QuickBooks, you'll be asked to log in before you continue. Then, click SIGN IN.

6. Click AUTHORIZE in order to let BigTime access your QuickBooks information.

BigTime will sync with QuickBooks behind-the-scenes automatically!


Syncing Your Data

BigTime checks with QuickBooks periodically to see if there are new projects or items, in order to trigger a sync. However, you can also initiate a manual sync. You’d do this so that BigTime has the most up-to-date information before posting transactions to QuickBooks.

When you post or export a transaction from BigTime to QuickBooks Online, that data will automatically sync between the platforms. However, if you import data from QuickBooks Online into BigTime, you will need to run a manual sync to see that data reflected in both platforms.

As an example: If you created customers, jobs and/or employees in QuickBooks Online, those will need to be manually synced if you want them to import to BigTime. As another example, if you use QuickBooks payments and apply one of those payments to an invoice posted from BigTime, you'll need to run a manual sync to pull in that payment.

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