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How To Set a Default Invoice Type for a Project

When you go to create invoices in bulk for multiple projects, BigTime will by default only offer you the option to create these invoices in either the Time & Materials or Fixed Fee formats. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t configure your BigTime account to allow for more bulk invoice types. By adding a default invoice type to each of your projects, you'll be able to create bulk invoices using whatever invoice calculator or type you'd like.

To set a default invoice type for a project, you'll need to go to your Project List (MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST) and click on the name of your chosen project to open its Project Dashboard. Under the DETAILS tab, scroll down to find the field labeled DEFAULT INVOICE TYPE.

Clicking the GRAY ARROW in this field will populate a picklist with all your default invoice options. This list will include all the invoice calculators you have turned on for your firm. In this example, let’s choose “Item Based Billing” as our default invoice type.

NOTE: If there’s an invoice type you want to use, but that you don’t see in this picklist, go to INVOICING…CONFIGURE…CALCULATORS and make sure the toggle switch next to your chosen calculator is set to ON

Once you’ve selected a default invoice type for your project, click the blue SAVE CHANGES button at the bottom of this window. 

Now, when you create bulk invoices for this project, you can elect to use the default project invoice as the format for those invoices. You can still use the Time & Materials or Fixed Fee types for those invoices if you want to. After selecting multiple invoices in your WIP window and clicking the BULK CREATE INVOICES button, you’ll be prompted to choose an invoice calculator from a picklist. To opt for your default invoice type, select PROJECT DEFAULT from this list. Then, click NEXT to start creating your bulk invoices using the default invoice type you selected.

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