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How To Apply a Template to a New Project

Project templates exist to speed up the process of creating new projects in BigTime. If your firm works on a variety of projects that share similar characteristics, you can use a project template as a blueprint when adding those projects to BigTime. This article will walk you through applying a project template to a new project in BigTime.

NOTE: This article assumes you already have the project templates feature activated. It also assumes you know how to create project templates and have already created some for your firm.


Applying a Project Template

1. First, go to your project list by clicking MY COMPANY…PROJECT LIST.

2. Next, click the ADD PROJECT button in the top left corner of your screen. This will open a new window where you can add specific details about your new project.

3. In the ADD NEW PROJECT window, you’ll see a field labeled PROJECT TEMPLATE. This field is where you’ll be able to apply a template to your project.

Click the GRAY ARROW on the right side of the PROJECT TEMPLATE field. This will generate a picklist with all of the project templates you’ve created for your firm. Click on whichever template you’d like to use for your new project.

4. Once you’ve made your selection and have filled out all the other project info fields, click the blue ADD button to add your new project and apply the selected template to that project.

Now, you’ll have a new project that was created using the template you selected. You can always edit or change info about your project if aspects of the template no longer make sense. If you have more questions about project templates and how they work, take a look at some of these articles. 

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