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FAQ: Project Templates

  • What subscription level do I need to use Project Templates?

The Project Templates feature is only available to users at the Advanced, Premier and Projector levels. If you’re curious to learn more about BigTime’s pricing levels, take a look at this article

  • Who can create Project Templates?

Only system administrators can create project templates for your firm.

  • Who can use project templates when creating a new project?

Any staffer whose user rights include the ability to create projects will be able to use templates to create their projects. When they click +ADD PROJECT in the Project List, they’ll see a field labeled PROJECT TEMPLATE in the window where they’ll add project details. If your system admins have already created templates, those template names will appear in a picklist format when they click the GRAY ARROW in the PROJECT TEMPLATE field.

  • Can I edit or change a project’s data if I’ve created it using a template? 

Yes, you can! Project templates are meant to be a starting point, but you can always change or add additional data if you need to.

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