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Adding and Removing Tabs From Your Project Dashboard

When you click on the name of a project in your project list, you’ll see a number of tabs at the top of your project’s dashboard.


These tabs are not set in stone. If you want, you can elect to display or hide certain tabs from your project dashboards. 

Configure Your Project Dashboard Tabs

To change the project tab display, go to MY COMPANY…MY COMPANY from your main navigation bar.

In your company settings window, click on the DISPLAY SETTINGS tab.

Here, you’ll see all the options available to be shown on your project dashboard. Checking boxes next to certain tab names will add those tabs to your project dashboard, and unchecking boxes will hide those tabs from your dashboard. 

BigTime requires you to choose eight tabs in this window. Once you’ve checked off the boxes for eight tabs, the remaining unchecked tabs will become locked, and you won't be able to select any more.

checkboxessss.gif Note that You won’t be able to uncheck the PROJECT DETAILS option, because you will need to at least include basic information for every project you add in BigTime.

After selecting your chosen tabs, you can finish adding them to your project dashboards by clicking the blue SAVE button in the bottom right corner of this window.

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