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Grouping on the Planning Board

To help you get the most out of your data, BigTime gives users a variety of ways to customize their Planning Boards. In addition to your sidebar filters, you’ll also have some grouping options for further organizing and configuring your Planning Board view. These options can be found in the top right corner of your screen, next to the EXPORT TO PDF button.

When you click the GRAY ARROW on the right side of this button, a dropdown picklist will appear with all your available grouping options.

Here’s a breakdown of the options in this list:

  • By Department
  • Cost Center 1
  • Cost Center 2
  • Cost Center 3 
  • By Default Role

Each Cost Center filter will reflect the cost center names you set in your firm’s lexicon (MY COMPANY…MY COMPANY…LEXICON). The “By Department” and “By Default Role” filters, however, are built into BigTime’s system and cannot be changed. 

When you make a selection in this picklist, the data in your Planning Board table will be rearranged to reflect the grouping you’ve selected. For instance, if your firm has a "Location" cost center and you choose that option to group for, your Planning Board will group your staffers by their location.

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