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Filters on the Planning Board

The Planning Board gives BigTime users full visibility into their staffers’ future allocations and capacity so they can make smarter resource planning decisions. BigTime’s Planning Board comes equipped with a variety of filters that you can use to sort and parse out the most useful data for your firm. These filters are located in a sidebar to the left side of your screen.

There are two types of filters on the Planning Board: project filters and staff filters. This article will break down the difference between these two types and walk you through all the filters that fall into each group. 


Project Filters

If you want to filter data on your Planning Board by project, there are a variety of options for doing so. The first three fields in this section allow you to filter the Planning Board by Cost Center. The values in each Cost Center field are presented in a picklist format, and you’ll be able to make more than one selection if you’d like to filter for multiple different cost centers.

Below your Cost Center filters, you’ll also be able to filter your Planning Board by Project Type and/or Project Status. You can also make multiple selections in these fields.

Finally, at the bottom of your Project filters sidebar, you’ll see the option to show non-billable projects, or to select projects of yours from a picklist in case you only want to see details for a specific project. You can also click the +INACTIVE hyperlink to view inactive projects alongside your active projects.


Staff Filters

Below your Project Filters, you’ll see a variety of options for filtering your Planning Board by staff specific fields. Let’s take a look at each of these staff filter options.

Up top, you’ll see two checkboxes labeled Under Allocated and Over Allocated. Depending on which box(es) you check, you’ll either see a list of your staffers whose allocated hours are either higher or lower than their capacity.

Below these checkboxes, you’ll see a list of Cost Center filters. These work much like the Cost Center filters in the Project Filters section, except your list here will reflect only your staff-specific cost centers, like Staffer Role or Staffer Department. You can select filters for each Cost Center field from a picklist. 

Lastly, at the bottom of your Staff Filters, you’ll see a checkbox labeled Select Staffers. If you check this box, a new field will appear where you can select the names of specific staffers. This will update your Planning Board to display data for those staffers only. Clicking the +INACTIVE hyperlink will let you view both your inactive and active staffers in this picklist.

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