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Show Capacity on Timesheets

Are you getting the most from your staffers? Use capacity to get the answer to this question. 

This article will show you how to add and view capacity on timesheets. That way, it’s easy to see if a staffer is over or under their allocated number of hours for the day.

What Is Capacity?

Capacity is the number of hours a staffer is expected to work. In BigTime, this number is usually 160 hours per month, since the average full-time staffer works 40 hours each week for four weeks each month; eight hours each day. 160 is automatically applied when a new staffer is added. However, this number can be adjusted.

You can see a staffer's daily capacity on the timesheets. Are they working twelve-hour days or four-hour ones? And are these hours billable?

Get answers to these questions by adding capacity to timesheets.


Add Capacity to Timesheets

1. Click TIME/EXPENSE...TIMESHEETS from your navigation bar.

2. Click the GEAR icon near the top right corner of your window.

3. Check both boxes at the end of this window:
* Show Over/Under capacity after daily totals
* Show billable % of capacity


4. Click UPDATE TIMESHEET FORMAT to save your changes.
Now let’s see what capacity looks like on your timesheet.


See Capacity on Timesheets

Toggle back to MY TIMESHEET. You’ll find capacity totals at the end of your timesheet window.


Here’s what you need to know:

* See the far right column for total hours, the number of hours that the staffer is over or under (in this case the staffer is seven hours under capacity). You’ll also see what percentage of those hours are billable.

* Look at the middle row on the daily totals. This number will show you if the staffer is over or under their capacity for the day. For example, on Monday the staffer is over capacity by two hours; on Friday the staffer is under capacity by four hours.

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