Multi-Currency Invoicing Filters

When BigTime’s multi-currency for invoicing and billing sub-feature is activated, you’ll have the ability to add a few new filters to your invoicing window. These filters make it possible for you to organize your invoices by their corresponding multi-currency data. This article will walk you through each of these multi-currency filters, explaining what type of data they each display and how they can help you sort through your invoices.


NOTE: This article assumes you already know how to add filter columns to your invoice overview window. 


Invoice Exchange Rate

The INVOICE EXCHANGE RATE filter displays the exchange rate between your base currency and the currency the invoice was created in. If your firm’s base currency is USD, but you created an invoice for a U.K. based client, then selecting this filter would display the exchange rate between USD and GBP. If an invoice was created in your base currency, then this field will remain blank. 


Total Amount ($)

There can be two TOTAL AMOUNT filter columns on your invoice list screen. The first TOTAL AMOUNT column displays the actual amount you’re billing your client, and cannot be removed. However, when multi-currency for invoicing is turned on, there will be the option to add a second TOTAL AMOUNT column. If your invoice was created in a foreign currency, then this second TOTAL AMOUNT filter will show that invoice amount converted into your base currency. In the example above, we’ve set our base currency as USD, so we see a $ symbol next to the filter name. If you’ve set your base currency as something else, then the symbol displayed there will match the one for your chosen base currency.



The CURRENCY filter will display the abbreviated name of the currency your invoice was created for. Adding this filter can be useful if you invoice with multiple currencies that share the same symbol. For instance, USD and CAD both share the $ symbol, so if your firm uses both of these currencies, the CURRENCY filter will help you differentiate between them. 


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