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Marking a Currency As Inactive

Sometimes, a currency you once used to draft invoices is no longer of use to your firm. You want to remove it from your currency list, but want to keep the data from all the bills and invoices you created with that currency. The solution here would be to mark the currency as inactive, which essentially deletes the currency without deleting the historical data associated with it. Currencies that are marked as inactive won’t appear on your active currency list, and staffers will no longer be able to draft invoices or bills in that currency. Follow the steps below to change a currency’s status from active to inactive. 

1. First, go to your list of active currencies by navigating to MY COMPANY…CURRENCY from your main navigation bar. Then, click the hyperlinked name of the currency you’d like to make inactive.


2. This will open your EDIT CURRENCY window. Next to the name of your currency, you’ll see a checkbox next to the word INACTIVE. Check off this box to mark your currency as inactive. 

3. Now, to save this change, click the blue SAVE button at the bottom of your currency settings window. 


This will mark the currency as inactive, removing it from your currency list. If you’d like to view the past currencies that you’ve made inactive, you can click the checkbox next to INCLUDE INACTIVE CURRENCIES, right above your currency list.

You can always reactivate an inactive currency by following the same steps above, and unchecking the box next to INACTIVE, and saving your changes. This will put that currency back in rotation and will allow staffers to create invoices in that currency.

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