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Multi-Currency for Billing and Invoicing: Staff View vs. Admin View

BigTime’s multi-currency for invoicing and billing sub-feature gives your firm the ability to record and track transactions in any foreign currency. However, the extent to which you can edit and adjust your firm’s multi-currency settings depends on the level of access you’ve been granted. Here’s an overview of the differences between the staff view and the admin view when multi-currency for invoicing is activated. 


Admin View

System admins have access to their firm’s currency list, and are the only people that can add or remove currencies from that list. They can also make edits to exchange rates and start/end dates within the currency list. System administrators are similarly responsible for configuring the currency settings for clients and projects, and for setting their firm's base currency. All of these options are locked for staffers, unless those staffers are granted extra user rights.


Staff View

While system admins have the ability to add currencies, edit exchange rates and more, staffers are more limited in what they can do with multi-currency for invoicing. Staffers aren’t able to access the currency list, meaning they have no control over which currencies are put into rotation and what their corresponding exchange rates are. Staffers can, however, edit the exchange rates on individual draft invoices, so long as their permissions settings allow them to create invoices. 


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