Setting a Currency For a Client

Let’s say your firm operates in the United States, but you have a vision of growing your business on a global scale. To make this vision a reality, you start taking on clients in Japan, Canada, Mexico and the U.K. Each of these clients conducts business in a different currency. As such, their invoices and bills need to reflect their home currency in order to make it easier for them to pay you. 

With BigTime’s multi-currency features, you can go into each client’s settings and set up a currency that they’ll always be billed in. Any budgets, invoices, rates or payments created for that client will then be created in their home currency. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to set a currency for your client.


Setting a Client’s Currency

1. To set a currency for a specific client, first go to your Project List. Then, open the project associated with that client and navigate to the CLIENT tab. 



2. This will open your CLIENT INFO window, where you can make edits to your client’s name, ID, address and other information. It’s also where you’ll be able to select their home currency. 



3. Scroll down toward the middle of this window to find the CLIENT CURRENCY field. Clicking the GRAY ARROW next to the field box will generate a picklist with all your available currency options. Select the appropriate currency for your client.


NOTE: The currencies in this list reflect the ones you have set up in your currency list. If the currency you want to set for this client doesn’t appear in the picklist, that means you have to add the currency to your currency list first. After doing so, that currency should appear as an option in this list. 


4. Once you’re satisfied with your selection, you can click the blue SAVE button at the bottom of your screen. 

Now, any bill or invoice you create for that client will be generated in the currency you set for them. Any time you create a project in BigTime for that client, the currency for that project will automatically match your client’s home currency. You can see this reflected on your project’s DETAILS tab.

NOTE: The PROJECT CURRENCY field on your project DETAILS window will be locked. If you want to edit that currency, you’ll only be able to do so from your CLIENT tab only if you haven’t yet logged any transactions for your client. Once you log invoices, bills or payments under a certain currency for your client, you’ll no longer be able to change their home currency.

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