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How To Import the Retainer Invoice Calculator

BigTime’s invoicing feature comes equipped with a library of calculators to automate the invoice tallying process. One of these is the retainer invoice calculator, which makes it possible for your firm to bill clients a fixed retainer amount on a recurring basis. This calculator comes in handy if your firm agrees to charge clients the same amount in each invoice they receive, rather than a fluctuating amount based on how many hours your staffers log.


To use the retainer invoice calculator, you first need to import it from BigTime’s library of invoice calculators. Follow the steps below to import the retainer invoice calculator so you can start using it for your firm. 


1. Navigate to your invoicing settings by clicking on INVOICING…CONFIGURE from your main toolbar.


2. A new window will appear. From the header bar in this window, click the CALCULATORS tab. 


Here, you’ll see all your available calculators, as well as the option to create or add a new calculator. Next to the CREATE NEW button, you’ll see a hyperlinked option to CHECK OUT BIGTIME’S GALLERY OF SPECIALIZED CALCULATORS. Click on this hyperlink.


3. Now, you’ll see a list of calculators available for you to import, with the RETAINER calculator at the top. Click the blue IMPORT button next to the RETAINER calculator to begin the import. 


4. It will take a second for the calculator to import, but once it has, you’ll be redirected to the previous page with all your in-use calculators. You’ll now see the retainer calculator on this list. To save the import and start using the retainer calculator, make sure the toggle next to the calculator is in the ON position and click the blue SAVE button at the bottom of your window.

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