Troubleshooting: Sync Agent

BigTime's Sync Agent desktop application is designed to make your job easier by scanning for new transactions in your company's QuickBooks file and automatically syncing data for you. But sometimes, issues can arise that interfere with the Sync Agent’s performance, or your QuickBooks account may disconnect from your Sync Agent by mistake. 


These and other common problems you may encounter with Sync Agent can be resolved by disconnecting and rebooting the program. In this article, you’ll learn a few different ways to get Sync Agent up and running again.


Within BigTime

1. To get to your QuickBooks integration settings, navigate to QUICKBOOKS…INTEGRATION SETTINGS from your main toolbar.


2. Here, you’ll see information about your QuickBooks BigTime Sync Agent status. Here, you’ll want to disable and re-enable your Sync Agent in order to get it up and running again. Click the hyperlink DISABLE, located within the QuickBooks tile to the right of your screen.


3. Now that you’ve disconnected, it’s time to reconnect to your Sync Agent. After clicking DISABLE, the links previously visible on your QuickBooks settings tile will no longer be visible. Instead, you’ll see a hyperlink labeled ENABLE. Click this hyperlink to reactivate your Sync Agent.


4. From here, you’ll be prompted to grant BigTime access to your QuickBooks data. Click the green button labeled CONNECT TO QUICKBOOKS and proceed with entering your information. 


Within Sync Agent

If the steps above don’t correct the issues you’re having with Sync Agent, there are other routes you can take to get things running smoothly again. The following steps will show you how to reconnect BigTime and Sync Agent within your workstation.


TIP: Make sure you’re in single user administrator mode, and that you have administrator privileges. You’ll need to be in this mode to make changes to your QuickBooks Cloud access. 


1. First, you want to make sure to completely exit and relaunch QuickBooks and the Sync Agent. Open your computer’s system tray, right-click the BigTime QuickBooks Sync Agent icon, and select the option to quit the application. 


Next, open your computer’s task manager (click CTRL + Shift + ESC) to check whether QBConnectHost is running. If it’s still running in the background after the previous step, make sure you exit it. 


2. Now, open the QuickBooks file you’ve been working out of. Within that file, navigate to EDIT…PREFERENCES…INTEGRATED APPLICATIONS…COMPANY PREFERENCES, and remove QuickBooks Cloud Service access by clicking the button labeled REMOVE


3. Once you’ve removed QuickBooks Cloud Access, open your computer’s file explorer and navigate to your hard drive (C:). It may also be labeled LOCAL DISK, PRIMARY DRIVE or C DRIVE.


4. Within your hard drive, navigate to your USERS folder, and select the user folder associated with whoever is logged into your computer.


5. Now, you’ll need to access the configuration settings for your user by drilling into that user’s AppData folder. To access AppData, type C:\Users\(your user’s name)\AppData into your search bar. 


Inside your AppData folder, click the subfolder labeled ROAMING. Once you drill into that folder, you’ll then need to open the QUICKBOOKS folder. Now you’ll see a file named QBCCONNECT.CONFIG, which is your QuickBooks configuration file. Delete this file. 


6. Now, go ahead and reopen your Sync Agent app. Enter your login information, and then click the button labeled CONNECT


You’ll see a pop-up window from QuickBooks requesting access to your company’s QuickBooks file. There are a few access options to choose from at the bottom of this window. Go ahead and select the bubble next to YES, ALWAYS; ALLOW ACCESS EVEN IF QUICKBOOKS IS NOT RUNNING


TIP: If QuickBooks asks you to specify a user in this window, select ADMIN from your list of options.


7. After following each of these steps, you’re ready to reconnect with Sync Agent! Just follow the prompts to reconnect as usual, and the previous issues you encountered should be resolved. 


TIP: If you follow these steps within BigTime and still run into challenges with Sync Agent, contact to get help from our customer support team.



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