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Email a Reminder To Pay an Invoice

Schedule a reminder email to send to a customer who hasn't paid their invoice after a specific number of days. This article will walk you through the process. 

NOTE: Invoice reminders can be configured on a client by client basis, and can be turned on or off at any time.

Click INVOICING...CONFIGURE from your navigation bar.




Scroll down a bit in your window and you’ll see two reminder options:

  • Send reminder before due date
  • Send reminder after due date

You can enable one or both of these options with a custom message.


Let’s walk through an example of sending a reminder email before the due date, since the process is similar for both.

Check the box next to SEND REMINDER BEFORE DUE DATE. You'll have the option to set three reminders, each at different dates and with different messages. 


Now customize the message. 

  • Enter the number of days the email should be sent before the due date.
  • Update the subject line.
  • Update the body.


Then, click save to SAVE your changes at the end of the window.

Here are some key points to note for either email reminder you decide to send:

  • The reminder will be sent to contacts in the "To Field" and doesn't include anyone cc'd. 
  • The reminder is only sent once.
  • The reminder won’t be sent if there’s no due date on the invoice.
  • An invoice must be sent in order for a reminder to be sent.
  • The reminder email is only sent if there’s a positive balance due.
  • Reminders will only be sent for invoices that are created after the reminder settings were saved.
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