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How To Use Item-Based Billing

Item-based billing is a calculator used for invoicing different task-fee types on a single invoice. You can bill each task as T&M (time and materials), Milestone, Percent Complete, Retainer, or Non-billable line items. This saves you time: create a single invoice, instead of multiple invoices, with all of your various task-fee types.

This article will explain how to:

  • Activate the item-based billing calculator,
  • Apply different fee-types to your tasks, and
  • Create an item-based billing invoice.

Activate Item-Based Billing Calculator

First, let’s activate the item-based billing calculator. Follow the steps below.

1. Click INVOICING...CONFIGURE from your navigation bar.


2. Click CALCULATORS on the new window that pops up.


3. Click ON to activate the item-based billing calculator.


4. Click SAVE to save your change.


Utilize Item-Based Billing

This section will show you what it looks like to use item-based billing. First, get to the Task Editor for a specific project. Then we’ll show you how to make tasks different fee-types, which we’ll include all on one invoice.

1. Add tasks to your Task Editor, like we’ve done below.


2. Click on the row of dots next to a task name, and a window will populate.


3. Select EDIT TASK from the picklist that populates.


4. Click on the ACCOUNTING tab on the new window that populates. This is where you can choose the fee type. Click on the GRAY ARROW below FEE TYPE and a picklist will populate with your item-based billing settings.

NOTE: Retainer fees bill the same amount for each invoice. Each time you create an invoice with retainer fees using the item-based billing calculator, the invoice will include a line item with the same amount -- regardless of hours logged.

5. Click SAVE to save your work.

The idea is that all of your different tasks on your Task Editor can have different fee types, but all of these tasks can be included on the same invoice, which we’ll explain in the next section.


Create an Item Based Billing Invoice

Now we’ll show you what it looks like when we create an invoice with different invoice types.

1. Click INVOICING...OVERVIEW from your navigation bar.


2. Click on the WORK-IN-PROGRESS tile.


3. Click on a hyperlinked dollar amount in the WIP column.


4. Click on the white triangle next to CREATE INVOICE, and select CREATE ITEM BASED BILLING INVOICE.

Our drafted invoice looks like the image below, with multiple tasks with different calculator types.


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