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Bulk Post Invoices to QuickBooks

Instead of posting invoices one at a time, post multiple invoices to QuickBooks at once using our "bulk actions" feature. This article will explain how to access and use this feature. We’ll also explain how to create a service item default.

Bulk Post Multiple Expenses

1. Click INVOICING...OVERVIEW from your navigation bar.


2. Select DRAFTS, which is the middle tile on the new window that pops up.

3. Check the boxes next to the invoices that you want to post to QuickBooks.


4. Click the GRAY ARROW next to BULK ACTIONS. Then select POST from the list of options that populates in the picklist.

A new window will pop up telling you the number of invoices and the total amount of money that you’re about to post.


5. Click POST to confirm the transaction.

You’ll receive a green checkmark if the invoices successfully posted. However, if the invoices failed to post, then you’ll get a notification at the bottom of your screen informing you that BigTime was unable to post your invoice. Click on the hyperlinked value under AMOUNT to see your invoice details and make any necessary changes.


Set a Default Service Item

You can set up a service item default in Integration Settings. That way, line items without a link will default to the service item you chose as a default.

Follow these steps:

Navigate to QUICKBOOKS...INTEGRATION SETTINGS from the navigation bar. Select MANAGE...INVOICING. Under Default Accounts you’ll select Service Item.


BigTime will inform you if you’ve posted an invoice to QuickBooks, and it’ll provide the invoice number(s) that have been posted.

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