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What’s in Your Client Tab?

When you access a project in your Project List, you’ll see a client tab. What’s this client tab used for? What information can you input and reference? Why is it useful?

This article will answer all of these questions, and more. First, let’s get to the client tab, and then we’ll walk through its functionality.


Accessing the Client Tab from a Project

1. Click MY COMPANY…PROJECT LIST from your navigation bar.

2. Click on a project.

3. Click on the CLIENT tab on the navigation bar for your project.

Now let’s look at your options, moving from left to right across the subheads beneath this tab.

Client Info

You’ll default into the CLIENT INFO section, so we’ll start there.

In this section, you’ll add details about your client, such as the type, address, and phone number.

Toward the end of this window, you can also choose to:

*Add a QuickBooks Customer Link.

*Activate Consolidated Invoices.

*Add or Edit Custom Fields.

Remember to click SAVE CHANGES to save your work.



The middle subhead is where you add or edit your contacts.

Click on the arrow head next to ADD CONTACT to do just that.

Once you add several contacts, you can organize them by clicking on the FILTER ICON. Additionally, you can add or remove columns by clicking on the GEAR ICON.


Portal Settings

The final subhead to mention is PORTAL SETTINGS.  

Here you can provide your client access to the Client Portal, if you’re a BigTime Wallet user. 

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