Connecting Multiple QuickBooks Desktop Files With Sync Agent

Some users have multiple BigTime accounts for each of their firms, and they want to connect these firms with a different QuickBooks Desktop file using the Sync Agent. Below is the process system admins can follow to connect multiple QuickBooks files with the Sync Agent.

NOTE: This article assumes you’re already using the Sync Agent to connect a BigTime account with at least one QuickBooks Desktop file. If you haven’t setup the Sync Agent yet, watch this video for step-by-step instructions.

1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop file you’re looking to connect with.

2. Open your Sync Agent by clicking on the icon in the system’s toolbar. It’s usually found on the bottom-right side of your screen near the clock.

3. Click on the GEAR icon, once the Sync Agent pops up.

4. Choose ADD NEW QUICKBOOKS FILE from the picklist (dropdown menu).

5. Click CONNECTDoing so will initiate the connection process.

6. A certificate will pop up. Select the last option: “Yes, always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running.”

7. Choose the BigTime firm that this QuickBooks file should sync with.

8. Press CONNECT. The registration with this file and firm is now complete. Click CLOSE and the Sync Agent will sync from your system tray.

Repeat the above steps for each BigTime account you want to sync with QuickBooks.

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