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Manual Payroll Item Selection

BigTime can recognize payroll items from QuickBooks Desktop. The easiest and quickest way to do this is setting up a manual payroll item selection. Then, your hourly and salaried employees can manually select a payroll item from a picklist (dropdown menu) in their timesheet.

Here’s how system administrators can set up a manual payroll item selection:

1. Click TIME/EXPENSE, on the navigation bar at the top of your screen, and select TIMESHEETS.

2. Click the GEAR ICON to get into the timesheet settings.

3. Click on the hyperlink ADD DETAIL FIELD.

4. Check the PAY ITEM box.

5. Click UPDATE TIMESHEET FORMAT to save your changes.
Now users can select a pay item from a picklist when they log time in their timesheet. They’ll choose from many options, including vacation time, hourly time, overtime, sick time. 

Let’s create a new timesheet row to see what this pay item picklist looks like.

6. Click ADD TIMESHEET ROW in your timesheet. Notice the new picklist we created: PAY ITEM
Click on the red triangle to see the picklist of options.
Mick Jagger is an hourly employee, so he’ll choose “Hourly regular” from the picklist.

6. Click SAVE to save your newly added timesheet row.

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