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A Tour of Sync Agent

The Sync Agent is a BigTime application that enables the sync of BigTime to QuickBooks Desktop. BigTime has a long history of syncing with QuickBooks Desktop. It all began with the Remote Monitor for the IQ Enterprise application. We took our knowledge of this sync and created BigTime Sync Agent to make it even better. With this desktop application, you can post transactions and bring in QuickBooks updates as needed. This article will guide you through the functions within the Sync Agent so you can familiarize yourself with it and understand how it works.

Opening Up Sync Agent

Once installed by a BigTime administrator, The Sync Agent resides in your system tray.

Clicking on the Sync Agent will open up the program’s main menu.

Syncing & Other Options

Your connected QuickBooks file will appear in blue text. You’ll see the full path of where your file is located as well as the last time the Sync Agent completed a sync.

Click on your QuickBooks file name (in the blue text), to see further details of your last sync, as well as the next time your Sync Agent will check QuickBooks for changes.

Directly below this sync information is the login email of the user who configured your Sync Agent. Below this login email is the current status of Sync Agent. Your sync agent status can differ between the following states:

  • Active- Currently the active sync agent that can sync with QuickBooks
  • Standby- There is another detected user who has a sync agent that is syncing. We’ve changed your status to Standby so that only one agent may be active. Standby can also mean that the Sync Agent lost communication with the internet. You can hit sync now to reclaim your active status.
  • Paused/Inactive- Your sync agent is currently deactivated. To reclaim active status, hit sync now.
  • Failed to open a connection with your QuickBooks File - This status usually is a symptom that the proper certificate access wasn't granted when connecting the file. Your may refer to the setup document in step 7 to view what proper access is needed.

Below your Sync Agent status is a Sync Now button that also has a couple of other options available. Below are all the options explained:

  • Sync Now- Pressing Sync now will force a sync with QuickBooks on-demand.
  • Reset + Sync- Reset and Sync will clear the links up in the QuickBooks Cloud which Bigtime reads from and then pull the latest information from your QuickBooks file. There is no danger in pressing this option and is usually used to troubleshoot some integration issues.
  • Deactivate- Deactivating the Sync Agent will turn off further syncs from this Sync Agent. This could be used if you plan on having your machine off and keeping a sync agent on another coworker’s machine.
  • Delete- Delete will keep the program installed but delete the syncing portion on this machine for this firm and this QuickBooks File. Usually firms that have to connect to a restored backup will use this option to delete the old file path in order to attach Sync Agent to the newest restored file.

Gear Options

At the top of your Sync Agent appears a gear icon that includes additional options.

  • Log Files- Every action that occurs between your QuickBooks file and the Sync Agent are logged within your PC. If you’re having issues with the Sync Agent, these log files are available for you to view or send to our support team to utilize within the context of your issue. Simply zip up as many files as you’d like and attach them in an email to send to
  • Disable Constant Sync- In this mode, the sync from QuickBooks to BigTime only occurs on demand. Syncing from BigTime to QuickBooks continues to be automatic.
  • Add New QuickBooks File- If you've removed the connection between the QuickBooks data file and Sync Agent, you can reconnect it via this option. The Sync Agent can also sync multiple files, so you can use this option to add all the files needed for your multiple firms.
  • Log Out- If you’ve recently changed your BigTime administrator credentials, this option will allow you to logout and log back in with the updated credentials.
  • Check for Updates- Keeping your Sync Agent up to date will grab any latest patches. Like any program, it’s recommended to make sure you’re up to date. Click this option to compare your version number with the version available on our servers. Installing an update is easy and it re-launches the program automatically.
  • Exit Sync Agent- Exiting sync agent will close the program. This removes it from your system tray and stops all syncing.
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