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Locate Invoices Based on Their Status

Are you trying to locate an invoice and not sure where to find it? This article will explain where you’ll find invoices based on their status on your Invoicing Overview Dashboard.


To get to your Invoicing Overview Dashboard, click INVOICING...OVERVIEW from your navigation bar.


We’ll go through each tile on this dashboard, moving from left to right.



The Work-in-Progress tile shows us the number of projects in progress and the amount of unbilled time and expenses.

Click on this tile to see all unbilled time and expenses. Notice under the CURRENT STATUS column that our projects are all “in process.”



Your screen may look different from the image above. That’s because you can customize this window: adding and removing columns. Click on the GEAR ICON and a picklist will populate with fields that you can add or remove (see image below).




The middle tile on your Dashboard has a dual function: drafts and finals. You can use the toggle button at the bottom of this tile to switch back and forth to see your drafted invoices in DRAFTS and your final invoices, which consist of “sent,” “posted,” or “paid and closed” invoices, in FINALS.


Note: Drafted invoices move to finals when the invoice has a status of “sent,” “posted,” or “paid and closed.”

Click on the DRAFTS tab, and then click on the tile to see all of your drafted invoices and related details, like the client, amount, and invoice type.


Keep in mind, you may need to add the STATUS column. You can customize the drafts or finals window by adding or removing columns and filters.

Let’s go back to the Invoicing Overview Dashboard and click on the FINALS tab. Then, click on the tile to see the invoices that have been marked as "sent,” "posted," or "paid/closed" for the current calendar month.


A/R Aging

The A/R Aging tile is a powerful tool that shows you invoices with an open balance. In other words, the invoices that still need to be paid. Click on this tile and see how many days overdue an invoice is. Use the toggle switch at the bottom of this tile to switch between your current and past due invoices.

Note: You can customize this window, too.

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