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Integrating BigTime Foresight With BambooHR

Permissions Required To Set Up BigTime Foresight Integration With BambooHR

Required Permissions Foresight & BambooHR Administrator

To integrate BigTime Foresight with BambooHR, you need to have Administrator Access on both platforms and be set up as a system administrator in BigTime. Once you’ve been granted these permissions, go to Foresight, navigate to the left navigation bar, and click the THREE DOTS Change your role to “Administrator”, and then navigate to the INTEGRATIONS window. You’ll now be able to manage your firm’s BambooHR integration. 

To sync a specific staffer’s absences, add them as a Manager or Staffer and provide the same email address they have set up in BambooHR.

Scope Of Foresight Integration With BambooHR

Integrated Objects Time Off

If you use BambooHR to manage time off, integrating it with Foresight allows you to sync absences between the two platforms. You can easily sync all or only select time off categories available in BambooHR.Any recorded absences will lower a staffer’s capacity in Foresight.

Direction Of Integration BambooHR ➡️ BigTime Foresight

Data flows from BambooHR to Foresight. Therefore, if your organization uses these two tools simultaneously, always report time off in BambooHR. If you report time off in Foresight first, the data will not be imported into BambooHR.

Installing Foresight Integration With BambooHR 

Log in to Administrator Role in Foresight ▶ Go to the INTEGRATIONS Tab ▶ Find BambooHR Integration Tile ▶ Click INSTALL Button ▶ Type the right subdomain ▶ Click Connect Button ▶ Once redirected to BambooHR, confirm integration ▶ Return to Foresight and click SETTINGS Button ▶ Configure Integration ▶ Sync Time Offs


To integrate with BambooHR, log into Foresight as an administrator and go to the INTEGRATIONS tab in your main navigation sidebar. Next, click the BambooHR logo and the INSTALL button on the right side of your screen. You’ll need to follow the instructions on your screen after clicking this button.

1. Sign in to BambooHR.

2. Copy your subdomain name from the URL.

3. Paste it in the subdomain field.

4. Click the INSTALL button.

You will be redirected to your BambooHR account. Click CONTINUE. If you want to sync time off only from a specific range, you can specify so before syncing your data. Ensure you also select all time off types and statuses you want to sync.

If it’s installed and connected correctly, you’ll see a notification when you hover over the BambooHR tile:

Click the Settings button and adjust the Time Offs you want to sync. The description of the Settings Modal is in the next section of this article. After setting up, click the SYNC ALL button and wait until all time off is synced into Foresight. Your integration is now fully enabled, and you can quickly start syncing time off from BambooHR to Foresight.

Explaining Integration Settings 



If you do not check the REQUESTED, checkbox, unapproved time off will not be imported to Foresight




If you select the REQUESTED Checkbox, the holidays staffers have requested in BambooHR will be imported and appear in Foresight as accepted.


🔵 SAVE Button


This button saves the configuration. If you go to settings again after, for example, one week, the settings will remain the same. 

Types Of Requests In BambooHR Synchronized Into Foresight

During a BambooHR sync with Foresight, you can sync all time off request types (confirmed, pending, sabbatical leaves, etc.) submitted in BambooHR. To decide what time off requests you want to sync, go to the integration settings and check the types of requests you want to import into Foresight. Click SYNCHRONIZE ALL to import the data.

Synchronization Of New Absences

Absences reported in BambooHR are synchronized automatically once every 24 hours after successfully launching the integration. This does not require any action from you.

The Rejection Of The Request In BambooHR And Its Impact On The Integration

If a request is rejected in BambooHR, it will be removed from Foresight. It will not appear as a rejected request the next time you sync.

💡 Example: Someone may send a time off request that the manager still needs to accept, but syncing will import this request to Foresight as accepted. A request was accepted in Foresight, but the manager later rejected it in BambooHR. In this situation, the above request will disappear from Foresight during the next sync.


Deleting Time Off Type In BambooHR And Its Impact On The Integration

If you remove a Time Off type from BambooHR, BambooHR also deletes applications that include this type of leave. Therefore, when a sync runs between BambooHR and Foresight, the time off data you removed will disappear from BigTime Foresight.


💡 Example: Anne requests time off for “Volunteering Hours”in BambooHR. The next day, the above Time Off is imported into BigTime Foresight. However, the Head of HR removes the “Volunteering”Time Off type after a week. Therefore, next time there’s a sync, theVolunteering” Time Off reported by Ann is removed from BigTime Foresight.


Uninstalling The Integration And Its Impact On Synchronized Data

Log in to Administrator Role in Foresight ▶ Go to the INTEGRATIONS Tab ▶ Find BambooHR Integration Tile ▶ Click the Settings Button 

 ▶ Click the UNINSTALL Button in the Settings Modal

If you disconnect the integration, the logs will be deleted (i.e., everything that was synced).

In Foresight, it is possible to disconnect integration. You must have the same permissions as you had to install it to do this. Uninstalling the integration will clear all logs, i.e., submitted and imported requests in given periods. After reinstalling the sync, you will be able to restore this data.

The Most Common Integration Issues And How To Fix Them

If there are any issues during integration, they will appear in the logs:


They may be caused by:

  • a change to  the subdomain
  • someone disconnecting from  BambooHR
  • a change to staffer’s data(especially email address)

To fix the most common issues, you can:

  • check the synch settings in BambooHR
  • check whether the data is entered correctly
  • check whether the subdomains are provided without any mistake
  • uninstall the integration and reinstall it (logs will be deleted and then added again after reinstallation)
  • check the staffer’s email address in BambooHR and Foresight 
  • check if the staffer has accounts in both instances (check if there’s a red notification in the staffer’s profile): 


Synchronizing Time Off Requests Of One Staffer

Required Permissions Time Off Manager

You must be an Administrator to manage integration and data synchronization between instances. There is, however, one exception to this rule. You can be a manager with permission to manage time off data requests of your team members. In such a situation, after entering the staffer’s profile next to his calendar, you will see the following option in the Staffer’s Timesheet Section: 


Click the SYNC TIME OFF Button to enforce the data import from BambooHR to BigTime Foresight.  


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