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Activating BigTime Foresight: What to Expect

In order to get set up with BigTime Foresight, you’ll need your designated customer support person to turn it on. From there, you can expect a few standard things to happen with your data as it syncs to Foresight from BigTime. This article will explain, piece by piece, exactly what happens to your data when you first integrate with Foresight.

Navigation in BigTime

Once Foresight is turned on, a few things will happen to your main navigation bar. First, you’ll see a new tab labeled RESOURCING added to your tabs. From this tab, you’ll be able to access your people calendar, project calendar, skills list, and other places in Foresight.

Projects & Staff

All your staffers and projects set up in BigTime will automatically sync to Foresight. You’ll also see a new redirect button on the project list called VIEW PROJECT CALENDAR. Clicking this will open your project calendar in Foresight.

Foresight will become the place where you will create teams. The teams you create in Foresight will sync back into BigTime. However, you’ll still be able to mark a staffer as a “team lead” in BigTime the way you normally would. 


In Foresight, a staffer’s working period is determined by contracts. A contract is automatically created in Foresight for every staffer when they sync from BigTime, and will be set up based on staffer employment dates and cost fields. The contract start date and end dates will pull from the employment start and end dates in BigTime, and the cost of contracts will pull from the cost rate originally on staffer profiles. 

Staffer capacity for contracts in Foresight will pre-populate based on each staffer’s base capacity – for example, 160 total monthly base capacity hours will become eight hours Monday through Friday on the Foresight contract. 

After the initial sync, Foresight will become the central source of truth for any information about contracts. Since cost and capacity will afterward be managed in Foresight contracts, users will see a new MANAGE CONTRACT button on each staffer’s profile, under the CAPACITY and COST RATES sections. Clicking this button will open their contract in Foresight.

If a staffer doesn’t have a cost rate on their profile prior to implementing Foresight, their contract will default to a zero (0.00) cost rate.

User Permissions

A new user permissions section labeled BIGTIME FORESIGHT will be added to your user rights window. By default, all these permissions will be set to OFF for every security group except system administrator. For more information about user rights with Foresight, read this article.


You’ll see the SKILLS option removed from your MY COMPANY dropdown menu. This is because you’ll be managing skills in Foresight, and won’t need BigTime’s built-in skills feature anymore.


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