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Project Finance Reports in BigTime Foresight

Your firm’s financial status includes the question of whether funds are scheduled or whether they are actual expenses. It is essential to understand the sources of both your planned and actual finances and what data they’re based on.

The primary purpose of a financial report is to compare your plans with reality and monitor profitability trends. You can analyze profitability for:

  • a single project,
  • several selected projects and/or
  • all projects in the company.

With a financial report, you can also observe whether margins increase or decrease over the following months.

Accessing and Setting Up Project Finances Report

You must have specific permissions to create, edit, and view financial reports. Read this article to learn more about user rights and permissions with BigTime Foresight.

Once you’ve ensured you have the correct permissions and are logged in as a manager, go to the REPORTS tab in your primary navigation sidebar. Then, open the PROJECT FINANCES sub-tab. You’ll see a button labeled PREPARE REPORT – click this, and you’ll see a report appear, which you can then configure as you see fit. 


Make sure you have financial access ➡ Log in to the Manager Role ➡ Go to the Reports Tab ➡ Click Prepare Report Button ➡ Configure your report


Set up your report by configuring the following: 

  • Time Frame 
  • Assignment Types
  • Data Filtering

How is it calculated? 

Scheduled finances come mainly from assignments. Actual finances, on the other hand, are generated from costs and revenues related to time entries and work logs. In BigTime, it is possible to access each time entry, where costs and revenues can be determined. They can be automatically completed according to the manager's settings.

Data Sources

Scheduled Finances  Actual Finances
Assignments Costs 
Time Entries

How does filtering work, and how can it help me?

Viewing finances for a selected client or projects marked with specific hashtags is possible in a grouping. Additionally, the view allows you to forecast the project's profitability, considering uncertain assignments in the draft and reserved status.

Use Cases

If you'd like to check the profitability of chosen projects:

Make sure you have financial access ➡ Log in to the Manager Role ➡ Go to the Reports Tab ➡ Go to the Project Finances Section ➡ Click Prepare Report Button ➡ Configure Assignment Types and Time Frame ➡ Type Project Name


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