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Bulk Editing Assignments in BigTime Foresight

There may be instances where you discover problems with your assignment configuration only after you’ve already assigned a whole team to a project. Instead of going through each assignment and making edits one by one, you can make bulk modifications to a group of assignments or delete assignments in bulk. This article will explain how you can access and use the bulk editing feature to modify assignments in BigTime Foresight. If you have a specific question, take a look at the FAQ section to see if it's been answered.


How To Bulk Edit Assignments

1. Go to PROJECTS from your main navigation sidebar and open a specific project. Then, open the BULK EDIT tab.

2. Select which assignments should be edited/deleted. You can also use filtering options to find assignments. If you click SELECT ALL, you’ll check only records from the first page. To select records from all of the pages click SELECT ALL POSITIONS.

3. Click the EDIT SELECTED button

4. Choose which assignment fields should be changed, and input your changes.

5. Click CHANGE (X) ASSIGNMENTS and wait for Foresight to edit all selected assignments



Can I make bulk edits to all the assignments for my entire company? 

No, you can only edit assignments through the pages for individual projects.


Is it possible to delete existing assignments' data?

Yes. To delete existing data from chosen assignments, just follow the same steps above to make edits to an assignment, select the fields that should be erased, and leave them blank. Then, save your changes.


I deleted some data from an assignment by mistake. Can I undo the deletion?

Deleting fields from an assignment is a permanent action. Therefore, if you want to delete any assignment data, make sure you select all options correctly and are fully confident in your decision.


Can I make bulk edits to financial data?

After pressing the button, the bill rate in selected assignments will be edited to the most current following the BigTime Implicit Workflow. Learn more: 

For example, the Custom Rate in the project is 100$, and this is why staffers assigned to this project can have this Bill Rate in their assignments. 

At some point in BigTime, the Custom Rate in this project was changed to 120, and 100 is no longer valid.

Update Bill Rate allows you to update the Custom Rate in the Bill Rate section for selected staffers.

In the screenshot below, you will see the project profile with the Bulk Edit tab. The third button from the left is the UPDATE BILL RATE described above:


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