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How to Activate Project Templates

Project templates make it easier and quicker to get started on projects by allowing you to create a pre-configured layout to reuse for multiple similar projects. It’s a supplementary feature in BigTime, and needs to be activated before you can use it for your firm. To turn project templates on, here are the steps you’ll need to take.

1. Go to MY COMPANY…MY COMPANY from your main navigation bar. This will take you to your company SETTINGS window.

2. In your SETTINGS window, click on the tab labeled ACTIVE FEATURES.

3. You’ll see a list of all your active and inactive features, including one called PROJECT TEMPLATES. Next to each feature is a toggle switch that reads either ON or OFF. Make sure the switch next to PROJECT TEMPLATES is turned ON.

4. Finally, click the blue SAVE button at the bottom of this window. 

As soon as the feature is activated, a new link labeled PROJECT TEMPLATES will appear under the MY COMPANY tab in your main navigation bar. This is where you'll be able to start creating and using templates for your projects.

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