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Planning Board User Permissions

The ability to access and make edits to the Planning Board is dependent on a specific set of user permissions. Unless a BigTime user is added to a security group with these permissions, they won’t be able to make any changes to the Planning Board, or view the data contained within it. These permissions can be granted in the USER RIGHTS window (MY COMPANY…USER RIGHTS).

The user rights necessary for accessing and using the Planning Board are the same as those needed for the Utilization Board. Those rights are, as follows:

  • REPORTING: ALL ACCESS (under the REPORTING section)
  • VIEW/MANAGE ANY STAFFER (under the STAFF ACCESS section). If a user has all the other permissions except this one, they'll still be able to access the Planning Board. However, they will only be able to see the staffers that they have management authority over, and won't be able to see every staffer in their firm.


Once these permissions have been turned on for a specific security group, then any staffer added to that security group will be able to access and take actions in the Planning Board.

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