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FAQ: The Planning Board

  • How do I get to the Planning Board?

To access the Planning Board, navigate to the WORKFLOW tab on your main navigation bar, and click PLANNING BOARD from the dropdown menu that appears.

  • Who has access to the Planning Board?

In order for a user to access the Planning Board, they will need to have been granted all the same user rights that they need to access the Utilization dashboard. Those permissions are:

  • Reporting: All Access (under REPORTING)
  • Access Task Budget Data (under TASK ACCESS)
  • View/Manage Any Staff Member (under STAFF ACCESS)

Each of these user permissions can be turned on from your security group settings (MY COMPANY…USER RIGHTS). Once you’ve turned on all the appropriate permissions for your chosen security group, make sure the staffer you want to access your planning board has been added to that security group.


  • What do the yellow and red highlight colors mean?

If you have allocated future hours to your staffers, you’ll see the rows next to each of their names highlighted either in yellow, red or white. When a cell in a staffer’s allocated hours row is highlighted yellow, that indicates they’re underallocated for that time period. A red highlight means that staffer is overallocated for that time period, and if a cell is white that means their allocations match their capacity. These highlights are designed to help you better see which staffers’ allocations need attention or adjustment.

  • What do the 2 donut charts represent at the top of the screen?


The donut charts at the top of your window give you a sense of your total allocation stats across all your staffers for the six time periods (either weeks or days) displayed on your planning board. Each donut chart displays a percent value. The percentage in the UNDER ALLOCATED chart is calculated by dividing your total number of staffers by the number of staffers not allocated at their full capacity. The percentage in your OVER ALLOCATED chart is calculated by dividing your number of total staffers by the number of staffers who are allocated over their capacity. Both of these donut charts are meant to give you a wider perspective of how you’ve been handling resource allocation firm-wide.


  • Can I change a staffer’s allocations from within the Planning Board?

No, you won't be able to make edits to staffer allocations in the Planning Board. You’ll need to navigate back to the allocation editor for a specific project to make any desired changes. To do so, click the hyperlinked name of the staffer whose allocations you’d like to edit. This will expand a list of all the projects that staffer has been allocated toward. Click one of these project names will take you to that project’s allocation editor, where you can make your changes.

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