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Set Up Locked Billing Rates

You can lock your bill rates. That way, you only update rates based on a specific date -- without affecting prior bill rates. This article will show you how to access and use the Lock Billing Rates feature. 

NOTE: This article assumes that you’ve set up bill rates

1. Click INVOICING...CONFIGURE from your navigation bar.

2. Click DEFAULTS on the window that populates.

3. Find the LOCK BILL RATES header, which is located near the middle of the window.

4. Click into the textbox under Lock Billing Rates, and select a date from the calendar that populates. 

The date you choose will prevent billing rates from being applied to time entered before or on that date. In other words, new rates won’t be applied to time entries before that date.

If no date is added, then the new rate will override the old rate when time with an old rate is added to an invoice with a new one.

5. Click SAVE to save your work.

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