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Your Gantt Chart Toolbar Features

Use the Gantt chart toolbar features for a variety of simple, but important Gantt chart tasks: from printing your chart to activating auto-save to changing your view. Read on to learn more.

NOTE: This article assumes that you know how to access Gantt charts in BigTime. We’ll move left to right across your toolbar to highlight, briefly explaining each toolbar feature. 



Toggle among daily, weekly, and monthly views on your Gantt chart. Click on month, for example, and your chart will populate with a monthly view. Changing views can help you get a better perspective when planning projects and anticipating deliverables.


AUTO-SCHEDULING allows you to see the cascade effect of how changing one task or subtask affects others that are linked to it. It’s a convenient way to shift a task or subtask—and all of its dependencies. Check the box next to Auto-Scheduling to enable this feature.

Show or Hide the Critical Path

The CRITICAL PATH is a visual indicator to see what must get done to complete a project. It also shows the quickest time frame you can expect to complete a project. It displays the tasks and subtasks that need to be finished in order to complete a project.

You can choose to show or hide your Critical Path, and your preferences will be updated on your Gantt chart.


Go to Today

Click the hyperlink GO TO TODAY to do just that. You’ll see a gray marker on your Gantt chart, pointing out where you stand as of today in your project workflow. 



Type into the search box to quickly find the information you need. Your Gantt chart will populate with the relevant content.

Collapse or Expand Your View

Click on the GRAY TRIANGLE next to the button with three blue lines. A short picklist will populate, and you can choose to collapse or expand your view. 


EXPAND ALL means you see everything: all of your tasks and subtasks.

COLLAPSE ALL means your tasks and subtasks will be condensed together. 


Click on the PRINTER icon (see image above) to print your Gantt chart.

Add or Remove Columns

Click on the GEAR icon to add or remove columns. A picklist will populate, and you can check the boxes next to the columns that you want to add or remove. Click APPLY to apply your choices.



Click on AUTO-SAVE to have BigTime automatically save your work.

Expand Your View

Click on the GREEN BOX in the top-right corner of your window to expand or compress your view. 

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