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Get Alerted When You Don’t Save Modifications When Switching Tabs in Project/Staff List

BigTime will alert you when you make a change on the Project and Staff Lists without saving it. 

Say a change has been made on the Staff Detail or Project Detail page, and you attempt to switch tabs before saving. You’ll get a notice that you’ve made a change without saving. 

This alert can save you time and headaches because it’s easy to make a change and forget about it. This feature will prevent that from happening.

This article will show you how this alert works. For the purposes of this article, we’ll use the Project Dashboard. But the same ideas and processes apply to the Staff Dashboard.

1. Click MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST from your navigation bar.

2. Select a project from your Project List.

Now, go to the DETAILS tab for your project.

Say you make a change and don’t save it. Then, you try to navigate to another tab.

BigTime will give you an alert. It’ll inform you that you’ve got unsaved changes and will ask if you still want to leave the current page.

Keep in mind that you’ll get this alert despite the tab you make the change in. So if you make a change on the Tasks tab and then try to navigate to the Rates tab without saving your work, then you’ll get an alert.

How do you prevent getting this alert? The answer is simple: click SAVE and save your changes.

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