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Adding Multiple Custom Fields for Projects

There’s no limit to the number of custom fields you can have. If you’ve already set up at least one custom field, read on to learn how to add more.  

If you’re creating a custom field for the first time, see our article about creating custom fields for projects.

Here’s how to add more custom fields:

1. Click MY COMPANY on the right-side of the navigation bar, and then click PROJECT LIST. This will take you to your list of projects.

2. Find a project you want to create another custom field for. In the example below, we’ll click on ABC Studios from our list of projects, since we’ve created one custom field for this project and want to add more.

3. Scroll down to the bottom of the DETAILS tab and click on the ADD/EDIT CUSTOM FIELDS button to add more custom fields.

4. Click on the option to ADD NEW FIELD.

5. Type the label of this new field into the text box. In the example below, our new field is called “Lead Editor.”

6. Click the SAVE FIELDS button to save your changes.

The custom field is now labeled. In the example below, the “Lead Editor” label is now applied above our custom field (on the left side):

7. Type notes in the text box to add information about your newly added field.

8. Click the SAVE CHANGES button on the bottom-right of your screen to save your work.


Do you have more information to add? No problem! Repeat the steps above to add as many custom fields as you’d like. Then, you can customize your custom fields.  

If you no longer need a custom field, delete it. Click here to learn how.

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