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Client Information for Projects

It’s a good idea to include client information, which is simply information about your customers, for each of your projects—especially if you’re invoicing out of BigTime. The client’s legal name, for example, is a necessary detail in order for your invoices to be labeled correctly. 

This is how you add client details:

1. Click MY COMPANY, on the right-side of the navigation bar, and then click PROJECT LIST.

2. Select the project you want to add client information to.

3. Click on the CLIENT tab at the top of your project window. Now you can add details about your client.
The information you add or delete in this section is applied to all of the projects associated with this client, once you save your work. For example, say you’ve got three projects associated with your client ABC Studios. Upon saving, the client information you enter will be applied to all three of your projects for ABC Studios.

4. Save your work by clicking the blue SAVE CHANGES button near the bottom-right of your screen.



You've got the option to move your project to another one. If you want to use this feature, click on the gray MOVE button next to the client name field.

BigTime will generate a window allowing you to move this project. The window looks like this:

Click on the GRAY ARROW and a picklist (dropdown menu) of your clients will appear. Select where you want to move your project.

Save your selection by clicking the blue MOVE button.

When you return to your list of projects, you’ll see the completed move.

  clients move.gif                                                                                             

Return to your list of projects to see the completed move.


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