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Adding Clients to a Flat List

If you don’t use projects, then adding new clients to the system is easy.  Just go to the MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST page and click the ADD button at the top of the screen.  When you do, you’ll see a screen that looks like the one shown here.


1. Fill in the client’s name and code. BigTime requires every client in the system to have a unique Id.  You can enter that Id manually, or you can click on the edit auto-numbering link to setup an auto-number format for your client Id’s.

2. Once you’re done, click the ADD button at the bottom of the page. Your new project/client will be added to the system, and your project list will be opened automatically to that record so that you can add more details as required (eg - address/contact info, team assignments, budgets, etc).


What’s a Project Code?

The project code is a unique id that identifies each project in the system.  Think of it as a shortcut to identify projects with long (or arbitrary) names.  If you’d like, you can setup the system to auto-generate project codes so your users don’t need to fill them in.

From the MY COMPANY...PROJECT LIST, you can select pre-formatted project codes, manually override the formatted codes, or ignore them altogether.


Filling In Additional Details

Once you add a new project (or client) to the system, BigTime will open up that project’s detail.  Here, you can add contact information, budgets, tasks, teams, etc.  Note that none of this additional information is required, but the more information you add -- the more information we’ll have down the road for other screens, workflow, reporting, etc.

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