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Viewing Invoices/Payments in Salesforce

A benefit of the BigTime/Salesforce integration is viewing invoice and payment information in either system. This article will explain how to find these details in Salesforce.

Note: This article assumes that you’ve set up and configured the BigTime application in Salesforce, and have pulled information from BigTime into Salesforce.

Log into your Salesforce account, and click BIGTIME PROJECTS on your Salesforce navigation bar. All of your BigTime projects will populate on your window, and you’ll CLICK ON A PROJECT.


Note: By default, Salesforce directs you to “recently viewed” projects. To see all of your projects, click on the black triangle, located on the top-left corner of your window, and select ALL.


There are two places to see invoice and payment-related information: on the “details” tab and the “related” tab. Once you click on a project, you’ll default into the “details” window, which shows you some basic information about your project.


Details Tab

This window includes three major sections, moving from top to bottom:

  • Basic project information: see details like the project name and its status. Click on the BigTime url to be taken directly to the project in BigTime, where you can make changes.
  • Budget (fees) data: see your project budget, hours inputted and billed, and what remains of your budget.
  • Budget data (expenses): see expenses associated with this project, such as billable expenses.
  • Project description: see who created this project and when it was last modified (date and time).

Related Tab

For detailed invoice and payment information, click the RELATED tab.


Here, you’ll get many more project details divided into three sections: team members, invoices, and BigTime monthly activity summary. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the last two sections.



The Invoice section on the “related” tab gives you a high-level view of your invoices. Based on the image above, we see:

  • The number of invoices we have (2) and their statuses (drafted),
  • The transaction date (5/4/2018), and
  • The total amount for each invoice.

However, to get more invoice details, click on a hyperlink under the INVOICE NUMBER column near the left-side of your window. Or click on the hyperlink under TRANSACTION URL, on the far-right side of the window, to see the drafted invoice in BigTime.


If you click on a hyperlinked draft, you can see key invoice points in Salesforce, which we’ll explain below.


This window gives us a lot of detail about the drafted invoice. Here are some highlights:

  • Click the TRANSACTION URL to go directly to the invoice draft in BigTime
  • Click PDF FILE to view the invoice in a PDF format
  • See the total invoice amount ($3,200), tax ($0), and invoice draft date (5/4/2018).
  • See who created and modified the invoice (Amy) and when (time stamp). Click on the staffer’s name, which is hyperlinked, to navigate to the staffer’s profile in Salesforce.

Navigate back to the RELATED window and let’s take a closer look at the bottom section: BigTime monthly activity summary, where payment information is displayed. We’ll explain this section next. 


Bigtime Monthly Activity Summary

This section summarizes the financial activity that occurs during a month. The information on this window is sorted by the most recent activity. Recent activity is at the top of the list.


This view alone gives you some basic information, like actual and billable dollars in a given month. However, if you want more details, click on a date hyperlinked under PERIOD, near the far-left of your window. Click on the hyperlink BUILD WEBSITE to navigate directly to the BigTime project. You can also see who created and last modified these details.

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