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Zapier 101

BigTime integrates with Zapier for the same reasons that it integrates with other applications, including QuickBooks Online (and Desktop). The automated exchange of information adds value, it streamlines processes, and it increases your productivity.

While the BigTime integration with QuickBooks is a one-to-one exchange, our integration with Zapier delivers a one-to-many connection. If you haven’t heard of Zapier, it’s a website where you can connect any supported application with hundreds of other apps to automate workflows. With our Zapier integration, you can take your favorite features of BigTime and connect them to an almost endless list of other applications that you frequently use.



  • You don’t need a programmer to use Zapier because there is no coding involved. Available to Advanced and Premier users, the workflow setup process is easy and intuitive.
  • Zapier’s setup process allows a BigTime administrator user to choose one application to be a trigger app. The secondary app is the action app.
  • The following features within BigTime are enabled for zaps: Invoices, Tasks, Projects, Creating Time/Expense Entries.
  • In addition to Zapier and QuickBooks, BigTime connects with even more applications. To see the list, go to MY COMPANYINTEGRATIONS.


Getting Started With Zapier

The first step is to sign up for a free trial of Zapier by visiting their website at Zapier offers different subscription levels that can enable other, premium features.

Here are a few examples of how you can get even more value from Bigtime when connecting with other apps using Zapier.

Triggers, Actions, and Zaps

Zapier works by setting triggers and actions. Then, it Zaps (notifies you) in the manner you’ve selected. For example, you can make BigTime a trigger app in which the creation of a Project, Task, or Invoice (again, this is the trigger) can send an email or create a contact into your Google Account (this is the action).

Or, you can select another application to act as the trigger app, automatically creating Tasks or Projects within BigTime. Here’s what the form looks like when you choose a trigger and an action on Zapier’s website.


Deciding Which Bigtime Status Codes Are Triggers

If you're only using Zapier to get data into BigTime, then your status code settings won't be used. But, if you'd like to use Zapier to push data from BigTime into other applications, you'll need to make sure the objects match up before you go live. An object is the label or name of a particular field.

The first time you create a Project, Task, Invoice, etc. in BigTime, you won’t have enough information to warrant a Zap. BigTime will fire Zap notifications based on the object's current status. For example, you can send the "Create Invoice" Zap when your invoices are marked "Sent" instead of when they are in Draft mode. You will choose the status code that triggers each of the Zaps.


Smart Match Enhances Zapier Integration

Smart Match allows BigTime IQ PRO to search for a match on values that exist in BigTime IQ. This is far more convenient because Users no longer have to specify the exact type of data that is being passed into BigTime. Smart Match will try to match the existing BigTime values for “Create Project,” and “Create Timesheet,” making it even easier to send a Zap.


Here’s How It Works

If you’ve used another application and want to Create a New Project or Create a New Timesheet in BigTime using the Zapped information, BigTime will search for the value you’re passing over. The automated Smart Search narrows the possibilities, helping you link your new Project with the correct existing Customer and your new Timesheet with the right staffer.  

Smart Search uses fields to match up Projects or Timesheets created in another program with your BigTime data. Here’s a quick look at the search fields:



Find by Staffer Email

Find by Staffer Full Name

Find by Staffer Last Name Only



Find by Code

Find by Name



  • Find by Code
  • Find by Name
    • Task
      • Find by Name
      • No Charge
        • Find by Name (Either Yes or No)

BigTime is about tracking your time and billing as the basis for business insight. Zapier is about saving you time by moving information from one app to another.

So stick with the tools that work for you. Only now, you can work smarter because Zapier connects more web apps than anyone, and BigTime adds new options every week.

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