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Entering Time Using BigTime Mobile

Most firms have employees that are offsite or disconnected. BigTime mobile apps make data entry much easier for staffers who are on the go, with support both for Android and iPhone users. This article will illustrate how to download the mobile app and what to expect once you have it on your mobile device.

Downloading the App

For both Android and iOS users, you will find a direct link to the respective application by logging into the BigTime web application.

Once logged in, navigate to TIME/EXPENSE...BIGTIME MOBILE. This is where you will find direct links to the iTunes and Google Play store. By clicking these links and following the instructions on the subsequent web pages, you will be able to download the applications to your mobile device.


If you prefer to download the app directly from your mobile device, you can find the step-by-step directions for either operating system below.

Android Users

1. From your mobile device, open the Google Play Store. Click the search icon to find our app.

2. Search for "BigTime Mobile." The publisher should be listed as “BigTime Software.”

3. Click into the application and hit the DOWNLOAD button. After confirming the download, you will be ready to launch the application and log in.


iPhone Users

1. Open the App Store. Click the search icon to find our application.

2. Search for “BigTime Mobile.” The publisher should be listed as "BigTime."

3. Tap into the application and hit DOWNLOAD. After confirming the download, you will be ready to launch the application and log in.


Logging In

Once you have the application downloaded, the login procedure for both applications is the same. In order to log in, you must have already accepted the invitation to your BigTime firm. The login credentials are identical to those that you use for the web application. You simply need to enter your email address and password that you use to log in.


Timesheets on the Mobile App

Once a staffer logs in to the application, the application will display a dashboard where they can drill down further to log time, expenses, view projects, or view the staff list.

The process for logging time in either Android or iOS is the same. Logging time within the mobile app can be accomplished by tapping into the timesheets tile.


Within this tile, the user will see the current week displayed. Staffers can log time directly from the weekly view simply by selecting ADD TIME. Staffers can also drill down into a day to view all logged hours, or hit the ADD TIME button from within the day’s view. When users enter hours within the mobile app, the hours are sent back to our server and can be viewed from within the web application.


Offline Entry

Our mobile apps allow time to be entered while online or offline. If your staff member loses their internet connection while utilizing our application, the mobile app will hold the hours locally until a connection to the internet is regained. Once reconnected to the internet, the hours will sync back to the cloud and are displayed within the web application.

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