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Set up Your Demand Calendar in BigTime Foresight

The Demand Calendar window gives you a bird's eye view of your demand schedule and projects’ needs. Demands are essentially a method of forecasting future work based on what you know needs to be done and the type of staffer who needs to do it. Later, you can add specific staffers to your demand and use it to create an actual assignment. You can access the DEMAND CALENDAR from BigTime by opening Foresight, clicking the CALENDAR tab in your navigation sidebar, and then clicking DEMAND CALENDAR.

You can access the DEMAND CALENDAR in the PROJECTS tab as well:

In this article, you will learn how to set up a Demand Calendar.


Setting up the Demand Calendar

You have a lot of options when it comes to customizing your Demand Calendar view. You can set filters to only display certain data types, or you can change the date range you’d like to see. When configuring your Demand Calendar, you can:

1. Choose the type of demand you want to see:

2. Choose data granulation,

3. Choose filters (MAGNIFYING GLASS icon on the left).


Can I save my Calendar Settings for future use?

If you’d like to save certain calendar settings, you can do so by adding them to your “favorites''. You can do this by clicking the STAR icon on the upper right corner of your screen.


I’m responsible only for backend roles. Can I filter my calendar to only show  roles from this category?

Yes. To set up your calendar in this way, use the filters presented above. In their settings, select the role that interests you. In this case Backend.


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